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Ask questions about your documents and perform tasks with AI

Hello, welcome to Fahamu AI's Digest

Professionals deal with tons of documents and data daily.

Searching for specific information can be challenging and time-consuming,

especially if it's scattered in different places.

Digest offers a simplified solution - a single access point for all this information.

Simply invite your team, and they too can ask a question.

Digest will provide the answer along with the sources.

The solution is our product, Digest.

Designed for teams like yours

Here at Fahamu our focus is on interpretable language models. We not only answer your questions, we also show you where we got the answer from your own sources in a 'context' section.

"We're not always impressed with language model outputs, so we know you aren't either. What we do give you even in those moments, is a paragraph-level view of your data that is related to the question you asked." - Brian Muhia (Co-Founder of Fahamu)

Great for decision making

Whether you’re an executive, a business owner or a policy maker you can use Digest to improve the speed and quality of your decisions. Upload the relevant documents and ask probing questions to figure out what you need to know to make the right call.

Use it as a learning assistant

As a rule, we don't encourage last minute cramming, but if you had to, Digest is where it's at. Upload your notes and readings then hope you can predict your instructor's questions. It's great for responsible students too (some might argue more so).

The ideal research tool

Research is hard. Long before you get to your own, you have to go through a lot of other people's work. Digest can help you with that, whether it's learning more about a field through its works or digging deep about specific topics, we're your very own budget Jarvis (voice pending).

An exceptional internal documentation tool

Digest is a great tool for transferring insight from the most experienced to the least experienced teammates within your organisation. Simply upload documents with the relevant information and newer teammates have a convenient partner to ask questions. Guaranteed to improve the mood of your senior employees.

Promote a culture of learning and growth within your team.

A teammate you can keep asking all your questions, who never gets annoyed and whose answers come with receipts.